Update: Wats Up

Funny how it takes me leaving my latest job to focus on other work. For an update, I returned from Thailand on April 13th. Right after this, an onslaught of work in town was thrown upon me. I know this isn’t an excuse, but dealing with graduation, alumni weekend, and others has had me reeling back and forth from one job to another.

But now that I have time from leaving work I can spend more time this summer writing, going on adventures, photographing everything I see, and of course updating this ill forgotten blog of mine.

I’d like to touch back on the Thailand adventure I had and focus on one aspect, Ayutthaya! This is not a place to miss. The crew and I were blessed with good weather the week we were there. Although it was HOT HOT HOT, and quite sunny, I reminded myself that back at home there was still snow on the ground with another snowfall along the way. So how could I hate it!?

The city of Ayutthaya is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was once the capital of Siam (Thailand). Much of the city was ransacked by the Burmese in the 18th century, and therefore a lot of the buildings, temples, and buddhas were destroyed in the process.

I had a wonderful time exploring this ancient city, for you are literally walking in history and on a massive archaeological site. Everyday I saw various workers uncovering and documenting structures, revealing bit by bit the tremendous history of this magical place.

On one of our last nights we were lucky enough to catch a private sunset boat ride along the many rivers that make up this island city. It was truly awe inspiring and wondrous to see the structures light up as the sky became hazy and ethereal. We had beers on the boat and waved at other passersby and people on the shore enjoying a meal or lazing by the river. It was by far the highlight of my entire stay in Thailand.

The best way to get around the city? Bicycle! It’s quite easy to find bicycle rentals on the island, and a lot of times you can get a good deal with your hotel or hostel. Check to see what the day rate is, and make sure to pedal around a bit before choosing a bike. It’s also good to look for one with a basket with a closing lid. This way you can store your supplies for the day without someone easily snatching your goods.

If you’re going to look at some of the sites off of the island, it’s probably good to split a tuk tuk between you and your travel buddies. Barter and decide on a price for the day before getting in. It’s even more helpful if you got a girl like Sarah who knows how to make a deal!



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