Week One – Getting Whole and Happy

It has been about two weeks so far since I hopped on a plane in New York and landed in Bangkok. I’m back in the city again after a week of yoga and another week of seeing some ancient cities. What s trip it has been so far, and there’s still two more weeks to go.

First off, it is super super hot here. It’s entering the warmest month of the year here in Thailand before all the rain begins. So I’ve been adjusting to the heat and humidity as best as possible. Certainly didn’t help that I was experiencing two feet of snow before getting here!

The first week was spent on the Whole and Happy yoga retreat at Faasai Resort and Spa. What a lovely, amazing, and rejuvenating time that was. I felt so tuned in to my body and met so many unique and beautiful people. “Faasai” roughly means “where the jungle meets the sea” and how right that was. We were right on the water in such a lush paradise, filled with lots of critters and greenery. I think this place is what heaven is supposed to look like.

Word to the wise, I am not the most experienced at yoga. But our two fearless leaders Natasha and Rosie made it fun yet challenging for all levels. I felt completely comfortable getting out of my comfort zone and really working my body. They renewed my interest in yoga and made it fun and centering instead of miserable! The staff was so lovely and made it feel like it was home, and we got to round out the week by having a final dinner at the beach with all of them. 


3 thoughts on “Week One – Getting Whole and Happy

    1. It’s quite lovely! Just about a 4 hour van or taxi ride away. The people were so nice and charming and it’s so lovely. Highly recommend it on your next trip! There should be another yoga retreat there soon.

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