Making Moves Into August

Wow. I can’t believe it’s August already. I feel like the summer has just flown by. While it has been filled with lots of work and lots of new hours at Elizabeth’s, I’ve been finding time to get out there and explore the world of Pennsylvania and capture little tidbits along the way.

Unfortunately this post doesn’t have much of a photo story. It’s more just a collection of July moments. However, if you’re interested in really cool hair colors and stunning vistas, please read on.

Scenes from the Sidewalk Chalk Festival! Every summer the Arts Council in Lewisburg hosts this event. Everyone comes out with their sidewalk chalk and makes Market Street look so colorful and fun. This is directly outside my apartment door. 
Joyce and Butters are getting so big. Here’s a shot of them being cute when I was visiting my parents house. 
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
My favorite time of year is when the tomatoes start becoming ripe and ready to eat. I just pop them off the vine and pop them in my mouth. My mother has the best garden. 
Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset
I felt a little inspired and decided to do a little photo fashion shoot on my rooftop. The dress is from a boutique called Betty’s that I live next to. They always have the cutest, most stylish pieces. 
This is Timmy and he is my boss’s pooch. I took care of him while she was away. Isn’t he so dapper? 
Farmhouses at twilight. I can’t get over how gorgeous and perfect the Central PA countryside is in the summertime. 
Jones Mountain Overlook. The sunset and lighting was perfect here. We made it out just in time though, as you can see the stormclouds rolling in from the distance. It was a brutal thunderstorm afterwards and I was so glad not to be stuck on top of the mountain for that. 
Took a dip in the lake at R.B. Winter State Park. The lake is spring fed, so it usually gets pretty cold and chilly. With all the hot days and sunshine though it wasn’t too bad! More refreshing than freezing. 
Plenty of alone time…
View from Bald Eagle State Park. A mix of clouds and sunshine. I think there was a bit of rain on this day too, but it makes for the fluffiest of clouds. 
View from Colonial Pines Special Occasions on Rt. 45. Can’t get over those farmlands. 
And then I dyed my hair purple! I love this color. It’s a bit warmer now but I’m dying to get back to this cooler tone. I have had dyed hair before, purple and blue, but I don’t think it ever came out this nice before. 
Oh Susquehanna! Everytime I go across this river I think of the Defiance, Ohio song and yell the line as I’m driving over. This wasn’t on a drive though, but when I woke up super early and decided to catch the early morning light on the river. 

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