Fire Island, NY

Hi all.

It has been awhile since I have posted on here. This past June and into July has been filled with lots of traveling and two weddings where my bridesmaid duties were of the upmost importance. I’ve had a lot of fun dancing my pants off and celebrating the marriage of my two closest girlfriends from high school. I can’t believe we’ve all grown up so quickly! Guess this means I better hurry up and find me a man. (Just kidding.)

This 4th of July weekend I got to take a break from the hustle of floral arrangements, traveling, being photographed, and other wedding shenanigans and visit my family out in Long Island. I love being from a big extended family because it means I have relatives all over and get to take all these awesome opportunities. So this weekend we took my Long Island Albin Family’s boat out to Fire Island National Seashore. It’s this quiet bit of beach only accessed by boat or water taxi, so we didn’t have to battle huge crowds. After hanging out on the beach for lunch and having a few beers, we took an hour in the bay to go clamming. And boy did we catch a lot! Dinner was a feast of clams and striper that night.

Here are a few shots that I like the most.

Atlantic Ocean on the left, Great South Bay on the right.
Cousin Brian getting into the freezing cold water.
Walking along the beach to the old docks with my Aunt Mo and mom Jane.
Enjoying a fine pilsner.
Dunes and blue skies.
Old boardwalks to the bay side. You can often find deer, turtles, and sometimes foxes roaming about in the foliage.
All the boats anchored in the bay.
Clamming! Commercial clammers use big rakes, but the way we do it is find a shallow area and dig our heels into the sand. It feels like a smooth rock and you can tell if it’s hollow or not. I got about a dozen before a crab bit my foot.

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