Kate Does the Cali Coast, Part 1

Today was the first day on my journey up the coast of California. I rode the 101 up to San Luis Obispo but after that, it was just me and the PCH. 

I say this quite literally, because a lot of the times o had the entire highway to myself.  

I haven’t done a long car journey in about a year. They’re so tiring! Especially when you’re the only one in the car. So I spent a lot of time lost in my own thoughts and weaving stories in my mind. From spending a lot of my day talking to now only music feeling the silence was so strange. I just didn’t know what to do without the chatter around me. 

And now I’m truly exhausted. I want to write more about my journey, but if much rather get an early night and wake up with some energy! And a more awake brain to get it all down. 


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