September Daze

A lot and a little has happened these past few weeks of September. I can’t believe it’s almost the end and that October will soon be upon us. But I love this ending of summer and the beginning of fall. 


One of my best friends came to visit and it was such a joy having her for such a short weekend. I wish it could’ve been longer but unfortunately it wasn’t. I never cried so much before dropping her off at the airport. She actually ran back to the car to give me another hug and to say goodbye again. I miss her so much and I wish we could hang out together all the time. 

Another thing that happened is my friend Jasmine invited me along to a weekend in Las Vegas with her. We went to the Calvin Harris pool party, something I never thought I would be doing. It was my third time there, but the first time I ever did anything super Vegas. I was so beat after that weekend but it was so much fun. 



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