August Alive

So a lot and also a little has happened in July. I spent the beginning of the month really sick and busy with San Diego Comic Con. Then it all came crashing down the last day of the Con when I had to be taken to the ER and get a quick operation. The aftermath was a week unable to even leave my bed for a few minutes at a time and then the next couple weeks slowly regaining strength.

This has been the first week that I’ve  really felt alright and able to travel around and do fun things.

I’m still not 110%, but I’ve drastically changed my diet and habits in order to live a more healthier life. Waking up earlier, more fruits and veg, cutting out almost all alcohol, and lots more water.

It hasn’t all been miserable though. Yesterday I spend the afternoon with my friend Bree. We went to the beach and walked around. It was nice. So nice.



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