Friggin’ Twilight

Unfortunately this is not a post about Friggin’ Twilight. Although I wish that Jersey Shore mash up actually became a real thing. How amazing would that series had been if Snookie was the protagonist trying to decide between a jacked up juicehead or a jacked up gorilla? Okay, I’ll end my guido-speak now.

Lately my life has been somewhat of a whirlwind. I quit my first job in Los Angeles working for a bakery. Well, a cupcake place, not really a bakery. Spending so much time manning the ups and downs of a French patisserie turned me into a major snob. I have yet to find a comparable almond croissant here in the city, and that’s saying a lot. I’m just so used to what I know.

For the past three months now I have been working for a comic book publishing company. My title is “administrative assistant” but my friend Sara lovingly calls it the “office bitch”. Simply put I manage schedules and the office and do the odd jobs that need to be completed. I really love my job right now, yet it is SO different from what I’m used to. Going from managing a small business and working with loads people on the daily to mostly phones and e-mail is odd. Having weekends free and not hours from 5am to 5pm is odd. Not being the boss and taking command of the ship is odd. Also, not being scolded for screwing up, taking ownership of the issue, and then being the best of friends and grabbing drinks an hour later is odd. Lastly, I sit in a chair. Sometimes all day. IT’S WEIRD. When you’ve been on your feet the majority of your young adult life and then you get to sit in a chair, your body does strange things. Like, it actually hurts to sit down all day

Enough about work though. What about life. I’m still adjusting to Los Angeles life. It’s expensive, dirty, loud, and confusing. Everyone with a California plate is a terrible driver. That’s a fact. I am broke ALL THE TIME. But I’m loving it so far. The experience is completely new to me, the sun is shining nearly every day, and I’m not freezing my butt of in Pennsylvania. I’ve been finding new places to go on adventures and making new friends from all over. Will it ever feel like home? I don’t know. Do I want to stay here for the rest of my life? I don’t know. I still have this crazy dream of moving to Toronto or Vancouver and slowly becoming Canadian. I want to visit my friend in Mexico City and stay there for more than just a vacation. I want to jump ship and run off to New York City like the rest of the Albins and see what I can do there. But for now, I’m here.


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