Dehydration Nation

Coming from the east coast, I am used to super humid, super muggy, and sometimes super rainy summers. Not a day goes by where the humidity lands somewhere around one billion percent and your skin feels like you just took a dip in KY Jelly. It’s disgusting, sticky, and gross. And when you sweat, a salty, flaky film forms and your shirts begin to form holes in the underarms where it tries to eat its way out. At least, that’s what happens to me. I certainly can’t be the only person. 

But since being in Los Angeles, a new phenomenon is beginning to take shape. I don’t feel sticky and, eugh, moist all the time. When I sweat, it seems to float off into the air instead of lingering on my body for hours. 

However, I do feel something more than I felt back in Pittsburgh. THIRSTY. Oh my god, I have never drank so much water in my life. Back in the Pennsylvania days, I rarely, if ever, drank water. At one point I bought myself a water bottle in order to “stay hydrated” and get my eight glasses a day, but once I left that behind in the back of a friend’s car, I quickly abandoned my healthy living. I mean, beer has some water in it, right?

Now I relish in drinking water 24/7. It’s so glorious. So delicious. So beautiful. When I pour that magnificent ambrosia out of my shitty Brita filter, the sounds of it hitting the glass is like the Hallelujah chorus is being sung by John Legend.

How could something so basic be so fan-freaking-tastic?!? 


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