California Here I…Am?



Well, a month has certainly flown by. I traded in my life as a Pittsburgh Girl for one as a Los Angeles Lady. Well, Sort-Of Lady. Not quite there yet, but working on the finer points of ladylike discrepancies. 

So a road trip across the ol’ US and A with a good friend ended up here, in a brand new city. I have to say, I enjoy finding my way around something unfamiliar and totally foreign to me. The area I landed in is part Korean, part Filipino, part Mexican, part Salvadoran, and part hipster white kid. A conglomerate of different cultures and ages, families and singles alike. I have to say, I love my neighbor Ara already. She’s an older Filipino woman with a whole lotta spunk and kindness to spread around. And another mystery neighbor presented us with flowers to welcome us to the neighborhood and apartment. 

Maybe my experience was uncommon in Pittsburgh, but my roommate and I have never been greeted so warmly as we have been greeted here. Maybe it’s the sunshine, the good vibes, a sense of looking out for ones in our community, where people allow themselves to do that. 

While Lawrenceville and other neighborhoods in the PGH had a neighborhood-y feel to them, and there certainly was some sense of community, people mostly kept their doors shut, always peeking behind their blinds and passerby but never offering a hello or welcome. Here, strangers smile on the street or on a hike and say hello. There, you could pass by someone you’ve seen a million times before, give a greeting, and be completely looked over. This happened on one too many occasions in my experience. I mean, how many times a week do I have to see you come in and order a raisin roll at the bakery before getting a “hello” in return while passing you on the sidewalk? 

Anyway, I am happy to be here and to be starting a totally new journey and adventure. Some things may stay the same, but a whole lot of things are gonna be different. 


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