Just another sign that we are all getting older! For the first time in awhile I spent my Saturday night in instead of going out and living up Pittsburgh for one last weekend. Instead my girlfriends and I were able to embark upon the coveted Sunday morning brunch. Of course, this is where many a cocktails were consumed because hey, it’s acceptable for twenty-somethings to get boozed up before noon on the holy day.

Brunch. It’s so hip. It’s so young and yet so responsible. I’d never be able to wake up enough from an epic hangover to get semi dressed and eat breakfast foods a year ago. A miserable headache would be disabling my body to find the dress I wore out the night before in an unfamiliar apartment. Who knew that a year could breed such responsibility? Although I would rarely call myself responsible at only 25. Maybe “a little more mindful” is more befitting. Or possibly “not entirely a lost cause”.


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