July 14th, 2014

Blogging Books; July Edition

So there have been a few pieces I’ve been reading this summer so far. I could give excuses like work and hanging out with friends to account for my slacking, but let’s be honest. I have been so lazy in the reading game. Usually by this time of the summer I have a few stacks of books I’m working through. But here is what I’ve been going through so far. 


I generally get through one Jane Austen novel a year. Whether it is a re-read or something new. This year I’ve picked up Northanger Abbey. It’s a bit different from the likes of Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility in the way that it’s written from the perspective of a teenage girl. All Austen world novels are written through the eyes of a young woman, but Northanger Abbey‘s Catherine Moreland seems so much more relatable and easy to picture as a close friend. One basis of the novel is that it’s poking fun at the gothic genre so popular at the time, with beasts and darkness and flighty heroines. Catherine is obsessed with reading these books and gets so wrapped up in them that she takes the plots of stories and works them into her everyday life. I see Catherine in myself as well as my friends around me. Sarcastic, witty, and a character that grows throughout the story. She is a multidimensional person with gains and flaws. 


It took me awhile to start this novel, but once I got into it, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children was hard to put down. What fascinated me most about this novel was the use of photographs to help create and aid in the telling of the story by author Ransom Riggs. It adds so much more to what already is a great and captivating story. Unlike other novels in the sci-fi/fantasty/young adult genre of sorts, the photographs make the peculiarities and oddness of the characters become believable as well as original. A child has the ability to be peculiar for many reasons, like being able to control fire, levitate, have super strength, or even have the ability to see evil beasts. Some would compare it to the mutants in X-Men, yet they aren’t trying to save the world from an individual supervillan. The characters are wanting to be accepted, and protected, and have the ability to live without fear. I’m yet to finish this novel. Only about 50 more pages left, yet I have already purchased Hollow City, the second novel. 



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