March 10, 2014

It’s coming to that time of my life where big changes are in order. The weather these past couple of days has been fitting. The snow is slowly melting away and the earth beneath my feet is warming up. Seasonal changes can bring events other than the weather. A change in the winds.

But before the inevitable change, I needed a return to familiarity and quiet. So quite suddenly I threw some clothes in a bag and took the drive back home to central Pennsylvania.


Driving through Bald Eagle and RB Winter made me realize how remote some places can be. Somewhat still untouched and intact. I took a walk around and could not believe how still and quiet everything was. The air cleaner. Hearing my footsteps crunch on the snow and seeing the mist of my breath in front of me.


The roads around Lewisburg are some of my favorite. One can simply get lost on all the back roads and side highways. Literally taking the path less traveled.


Taking a break to realize the natural beauty around me, to talk to the people I love the most, to see that there are other things besides Pittsburgh. I’ve been wary about discussing my future plans. But now I have the confidence to move on to something new. This is going to be a big big change, bit I’m ready and excited for it. Bring it on.


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