November 12, 2013

I am completely aware that I’ve ignored this blog for so long. Quite a bit of interesting things have happened, but it’s hard keeping up with it all when you work full time and then attempt to fill up your free space with various activities and trips. So I’ll try to keep as up to date as possible.


Unlike most people, my “weekend” falls on Monday and Tuesday. So last Tuesday upon waking up I thought to myself, “Hey. Let’s go to Cleveland”. I have never been to Ohio before, and I find it fun and interesting to explore different cities. It’s a good escape from the typical Pittsburgh life. So I filled up the car with gas and chauffer Brandon and I hit the road. 


The drive wasn’t too long, but as usual we got into the city a bit later than I wanted and we immediately went to a skate spot he wanted to film at. I enjoy watching skateboarding and I appreciate all the hard work that goes into it. The dedication. But having only very little experience on a board and unable to do anything because I didn’t have one, I was getting frustrated pretty easily. The art museum in Cleveland has one of my favorite paintings (George Bellows), is free admission, and was the one place I wanted to go to on this trip. But of course upon getting into the city later than I wanted and spending a good amount of time at this spot at CSU, I completely missed it. So I was frustrated, pissed off, and mad that I didn’t get to do something I enjoy. So at one point I got fed up and went to the car. However I eventually sucked it up and got over it, and chose to be in a good mood instead. 


It was fun realizing that just wandering around a new city can be so refreshing. There is still a lot about Pittsburgh that I do not know about, but after awhile I do get stir crazy for being in one place for too long. So getting out there was a real treat. 


Eventually after Cleveland Brandon decided to take a route back to the city through Erie, PA. This is another place I have never been to. It’s a pretty sleepy town in my opinion, but I can see the charm in it. It’s right on the lake yet bitter bitter cold. We ran into a friend of his back in the day and topped off the night with some donuts from Mighty Fine Donuts. A dozen of those babies will get me to do anything. 



Now I am in the Sunday of my week, trying to decide what to do with my free time. We had our first snow last night so that’s pretty exciting. Yet I can tell I’ll be over this winter wonderland quickly this year. Maybe I am better suited for warmer weather. 


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