September 25th, 2013



So this week is looking up for beautiful weather and Pittsburgh. Today was gorgeous and hopefully it will be this way for the rest of the week. Friday night some ladies and I are having dinner downtown and will be hanging out with the giant rubber ducky that shall be making its way here. 

Sometimes things fall apart and sometimes things fall into place. The most interesting thing about this past year, from graduating to working full time to a continuous quarter life crisis, is that it is ever changing. I am kept constantly on my toes for what will happen next. 

New people come into my life on a regular basis. I keep seeing the same tropes of individuals played out yet I am finding some genuine people in the mix. Encountering new friends and past friends is helping me to grow as a person. I am expanding my horizon by absorbing the best of each one’s personality and learning how not to be from the other parts. 


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