For nearly a week I have encapsulated myself in a silent meditation of sorts. Only speaking when it entails to my work, an assignment, or the rare outing with friends. I've been spending more time away from my phone. Less lingering on screens and more attached to books and my journal. Yet even when out, [...]


Early Mornings

There's something so refreshing about waking up before the sun hits the horizon. Watching the world slowly rumble and rise itself up to greet the day. The fading out of the song of the crickets at night and the fading in of the birds singing. There's a stillness and silence, as if you are alone [...]

This Morning

Just waking up to the lovely little things. Having coffee in my tiny french press. Sitting at my desk writing some notes and looking out the window to the world around me. A tiny place of refuge. The one thing I have that makes me feel steady within the world. Space that is consistently mine, [...]