Working In The Industry: Timely Reflection

It's a bit difficult to write about the goings on in the entertainment industry. So many stories were heard through the grapevine during my brief stint in Los Angeles, and so many warnings sent my way. Snippets of "Yeah that party will be fun, but just keep an eye out for so-and-so," or  "I think [...]



Three years ago we woke up to the snow surrounding our bodies. Looked up to the sky and the trees above. Feeling alive in the bitter cold. Noses red and runny. Faces shiny and happy. Hair tangled, bodies falling into the banks by the road. Throwing snowballs and wisecracks. Drifting away from the lives left [...]

Untitled is Untitled: A Rambling Years In The Making: A Pain Enduring: Regrets

I am sorry for ignoring your calls. I am sorry that I was going through all my issues and I didn't think to stop because of everything that you are going through. I am sorry that you felt alone. I was laying in a hospital bed, out of my mind and trying to place where [...]